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Our Burgers

Carrot cake goals ??? @findyourhappyplate
Snow day = burgers in bed ???? hit ‘em up ?? @trycaviarnyc @trycaviarboston @ubereats @seamless @grubhub @amazonrestaurants @mealpal ? @bite_with_me
Korean BBQ Wings are always a good idea ??? @hb_eats
Monday Motivation ??? @hb_eats
A brunch must! Chocolate Chip Pancakes ?? bananas, maple caramel, nutella, mascarpone, toffee pecans @hotspothunter
Feeling lucky ? Happy St. Patrick’s day to all ? @theseafareragency
Avo-control Friday burger feels ?? @loopedfood
Dippin’ in the guuuuud stuff ?? @chow_or_never
It’s a Chicken & Waffles kind of day ??
TWOsday ?? two is always better than one #BurgerFacts ?? @eastcoastcontessa
That YOLK though ???
Slab Cut Bacon & Eggs FTW ??? @thebrunchaholics
Brunch Poutine ? crinkle Cut fries & crispy cheese curds, 2 poached cage free eggs, smoked biscuit gravy, chipotle hollandaise, pickled onions, pecorino ? Happy Brunchin’ ? @hungry_jon
Sliding into the weekend ? @beersnackalmanac
These Korean BBQ wings are on FIRE ? and calling your name???? @chow_or_never
Stacked and ready to bear the storm ???? @mikeeatsnyc
Definitely need 5 Napkins ?? @eastcoastcontessa
Ready to GUAC & roll into Monday! ??? @bite_with_me
Bananas, maple caramel, nutella, mascarpone, toffee pecans ??? @chow_or_never
Today is a perfect day to #treatyoself to brunch poutine ??? @hotspothunter

The Story

We had the burger – the original 5 Napkin Burger – 10oz of 100% all natural Angus chuck from Aspen Ridge, griddled to desired temperature, topped with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli on a soft white potato roll. This is the burger, Chef Andy’s burger. Then, and now, it remains our guide. A burger like this can answer a lot of questions if you let it. Ours are big and made with care. A good 3oz west coast style smash burger has its’ time and place, but that place isn’t here. Custom blends may be all the rage, but for us 100% chuck is the purest expression of burger happiness. (This same passion has also given rise to the best veggie burger on the planet.) We like them medium rare with a nice pink center and juices running down your arm, but you have it as you like it. We like them with a few premium toppings that are there for a reason, not just to sound good, or with hopes of going viral.

We strive to elevate the burger experience to its top shelf – because you and your burger deserve better. While other “burger joints” serve their burgers in wax paper, or in a cardboard box, 5 Napkin Burger holds itself to a higher standard. Burgers this great deserve to be served stacked high on a real plate, at a table with a proper setting, and with a great glass of wine or a craft beer, by a person who speaks the language of real service. A 5 Napkin Burger could never be eaten standing up. Knife and fork is optional – 5 Napkins are required.

As we enter our second decade we have decided to get back to our roots and focus on our core mission: to serve fantastic burgers in a beautiful setting, with friendly service and a tasty cocktail, while making 5 Napkin Burger a generous supporter of the community, and a great place to work for everyone on our team.

That sounds like enough to us ‐ we hope you agree.