The Story

That is the declaration of the New York Post, and many others. What is all the fuss about? Just another burger, right? Wrong. The original 5 Napkin Burger – ten ounces of 100% all natural Aspen Ridge Angus chuck, grilled to perfection, topped with creamy gruyere, caramelized onions and our signature rosemary-garlic aioli ­all nestled between two halves of soft white potato roll. Perfection on a bun. We built our restaurant around it, and don’t blush when we claim to be one of the best Burger restaurants anywhere in NYC or Boston. We’re committed to using the freshest ingredients, and preparing everything from scratch, in-house. Because it's better that way. Our beef burgers are made with 100% all natural ground chuck, antibiotic & hormone free. Our french fries are hand cut, in-house, daily. We make all of our sauces and dressings from scratch - from our beloved rosemary-garlic aioli, to our buffalo sauce, creamy blue cheese sauce, wasabi mayo, and ranch dressing. And we can’t forget about the bun! Our burgers are served on a house potato roll, developed by our chefs to best pair with our burgers. At 5 Napkin Burger, we take no shortcuts. Because freezers are for ice cream.

Many other burger restaurants would have you believe that you must sacrifice something in order to have a great burger experience -­ quality, atmosphere, service, fine dining, cocktails. We disagree. At 5 Napkin Burger, we know that you can have it all. Ingredients here are always of the finest quality. The atmosphere is upscale, yet relaxed. Food is served on real plates, with silverware and glasses, and always five napkins to go with your burgers. Our servers have a passion for great food, and a desire to share that with you. We offer our customers an impressive list of cocktails so that you can enjoy a grown up beverage with your grown up burger. Our list of beers available on draft and in bottles will keep beer aficionados happy. If you are craving the ultimate burger in an out­of­the­ordinary burger restaurant, drop by and pay us a visit. We are sure that you will agree that the 5 Napkin experience is going to be a repeat one.

"Bliss On A Bun!"

New York Post

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