Nothing compares to that go-to neighborhood spot. A skip down the block with family or friends and you’re soon staring face to face with your favorite shake and burger. And hours at the Museum of Natural History or movie theater really builds up an appetite. I mean, just look at the kids... so we’ve given them their own menu. We know you’re plotting a takeover. Have a brownie sundae.


Happy Hour
At the Bar: Monday to Friday 4pm-7pm and 10pm-closing | Saturday and Sunday 10pm-closing. In the Dining Room (families welcome): Monday to Friday 4pm-6pm and 10pm- closing | Saturday and Sunday 10pm-closing.

Once a random act of kicking back a few with stray colleagues, has now become a competitive sport of escapism & euphoria-induced socializing with work compadres, family, friends and the significant other. Keep up your energy level with sliders and wings. Oh, and that beer and cosmo you just ordered costs less than your cab ride here. Why not stay for dinner? Includes $7 specialty cocktails, $7 house wines, $6 craft beer on tap, $3 sliders, $3 tuna tostones and $1 hell's kitchen jumbo wings (minimum 6 wings).




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