Our roots - where it all started. And what better place than the most unique hood in the city. There’s a creative buzz on these streets. Where professionals, provocateurs, families, life-timers and travelers break bread. Your server may be on the silver screen one day. Or Broadway, which is where you’re headed tonight... just as soon as you down this Bacon Cheddar beauty and 5N Manhattan.


Joker's Tap!

We get an adventurous crowd at 5 Napkin. People who demand variety and an element of surprise. People who also love their beer. In honor of such patrons we offer Joker’s Tap: magical days when our draft experts choose a rare or seasonal beer and pour it until the keg kicks…then move on to the next gem. You: I’ve never seen or heard of this before … but it’s amazing. Unicorns do exist.





5 Napkin Burger was born in one of the most diverse and community-oriented neighborhoods in NYC. We haven’t lost that vibe. We believe in giving back whenever possible. It’s our way of saying thanks — to our local patrons and those in greater need.


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