Everyone’s a local in Boston — there’s no choice in the matter. Whether you were born and raised, or arrived as a student or professional. Or professional student. It’s always baseball season … and football and basketball and hockey … and duck tour season and shopping season. Shopping makes you hungry. Good thing this place is in the Pru.


Run Club

We think differently at 5 Napkin. We don’t think consuming burgers and being healthy & fit should be mutually exclusive. So may we present: running. Yes, 30 to 45 minutes of cardio training and back in time for happy hour. Because our wings taste even better when you’re high on endorphins.


Happy Hour

Once a random act of kicking back a few with stray colleagues, has now become a competitive sport of escapism & euphoria-induced socializing with work compadres, family, friends and the significant other. Keep up your energy level with sliders and taquitos. Oh, and that beer and cosmo you just ordered costs less than your cab ride here. Why not stay for dinner? Includes $2 sliders, 50¢ wings, and 50¢ taquitos


Cheddar Chili Burger
Burger Special
Cheddar Chili Burger
fresh ground beef topped with beef chili, red onions, cilantro, pickled jalapenos, crema, cheddar cheese with tortilla strips & barbecue fries

Ah, that time of the month when our Burger Gods have a meeting of the minds and drop a limited edition flavor into our grateful, quivering hands…like say, Korean BBQ or Pimento Cheese. They’ll only be around so long so might we suggest multiple daily reservations under unassuming names… and disguises.



5 Napkin Burger was born in one of the most diverse and community-oriented neighborhoods in NYC. We haven’t lost that vibe. We believe in giving back whenever possible. It’s our way of saying thanks — to our local patrons and those in greater need.



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